söndag 17 augusti 2008


I promised some pictures some time ago.

A frog I made in just a few hours. My sister asked for some kind of small animalfigure for a friend's birthday party. She asked for it at 1 pm and the party was the same night... Searched the net for a pattern and found this. As usual I modified a bit, put "tows" and "fingers" on it for example. Now my sister want one for herself...

I did'nt have any one special on mind when I made this little girl. But it was another little girl that got her and I think she's called "hello Kitty" now... :) Again, I used the same pattern as the chefs for base. It was the first time I made clothes for one of my dolls, and it wasn't as difficult as I thougth it would be.

This weekend I finished some other projects. Friends of mine are getting married in October and unfortunaly I can't attend the wedding. But I made a weddingcouple in the same style as the little girl above. I don't have any pictures yet. I want to make som finishing touches before I publish, like a tiara for the bride. It's so fun to make those small details that do so much for the finished product!

The reason I can't attend the wedding is a long trip I and my boyfriend has been planning for a long time. In just three weeks we're going on a five month long trip to New Zealand, Australia and Thailand! I'm very exited, but at the same time a bit anxious. I've never travelled like a backpacker before, and that's exactly what we're going to do this time.

In NZ we're going to rent a campervan and drive around NZ. We're going to drive, sleep and eat in that car. In Australia we're going to buy a used car and hopefully it will take us around half Australia. Also in this car we're going to sleep... I'm guessing there will be many long hours on the road (especially in the outback Australia) where I can do some crocheting...

I don't know what the possibilites are for updating this blog, but hopefully I will be able to write sometimes. But I don't think crocheting will be on the top of my "to-do" list... :)

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