lördag 31 maj 2008

My first amigurumi!

After a long time of thinking about I finally got to it and made a "craft-blog"!

The idea is to document my work and maybe inspire others and get some comments about my craft. For some time I've been browsing along many craftingblogs and have some favourites. Inevitable I've picked up some inspiration from them and hopefully I'll be giving something back like this.

About me:
Lives in Sweden, are from Finland. Therefore my English may not be totally correct at all times... Hopefully I make my self understod at least.. :)
I have always loved to craft, mostly embroidering. Recently I've discovered the art of crocheting amigurumis and I love it! The possibilites for making practically anything are huge. Although I'm not an expert on crocheting, but I'm learning more and more.

At the moment I'm in the process of making my first own amigurumipattern that I'm going to sell on Etsy. I hope you find the time to take a peak there!

The idea is to create more patterns and add to the etsystore as time goes by. I have some already made creatures, but I find there is a lot of work to create a pattern!

Here are my first attempt at the amigurumi technique:

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